• ​Guides women to find peace and confidence on their motherhood journey.
  • Provides Postnatal services that are tailored to the needs of your family.
  • Nurtures and affirms parents to instinctively care for babies.
  • ​Provides valuable support emotionally, physically, and educationally for the whole family.


The Two-Week Package:
  • Six 5-hour days over a 2-week period.
  • Package price $600.
The Three-Week Tapered Package:
  • Four, 4-hour days week one.
  • Three, 4-hour days week two.
  • Two, 4-hour days week three.
  • Package price $700
Hourly Contract
  • ​Rate- $25/hr.
  • If scheduled for fewer than three hours I charge a mileage fee.  
Night-Time Services
  • Goal: For mom to get extra sleep, and baby settled into a night-time rhythm.
  • $25/hr. or we can put together a package rate.
  • Minimum night-time shift is 6 hours.

Call: 509-255-3752 to schedule a free consultation.